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Dr. Jeckel and Ms. Hide
  • Categories:Gender, Adult Movie
  • (C) 1990, Rated X, Run Time 81 minutes, Director Michael Craig, Pub Las Vegas Filmwords, Cast: (Ms. Hide) Ashlyn Gere, Adult Content


Ashlyn Gere portrays the female version of a scientist who is transformed from man to woman by a potion he creates (not the intended effect). He switches between male and female form at random periods without control until quaffing a potion to stabilize his transformations -- purposely locking himself in female form when he is led to believe that the girl he is pursuing is a lesbian. Once he discovers that she isn't, he creates an antidote and is returned to his male self.

Notable scenes include the realization scene in the shower after he first becomes a woman. Once female, he allows the gardener to seduce him just to see what it's like, for scientific purposes of course.

Overall very nicely done and quite entertaining, particularly since the doctor retains his memory and personality in both male and female forms.

Available on VHS and DVD from Excalibur Films:

A brief summary (including a picture of the cover) is available a the following web site:


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