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Magic Mongo episode Two Faces of Donald
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode
  • Title "Two Faces of Donald", Magic, Comedy


Not sure if this qualifies for I have not personally seen the show, but I seem to remember a description of this episode in a Sid & Marty Krofft book I looked at once.
Magic Mongo is a genie that is controlled by this guy named Donald, in this episode he needs a disguise to hide from some people and the genie transforms him into a girl.
Anybody who's seen this please write in with more info than what I've provided.
(From the Editor) Although I can't verify that the episode name is right I can say that I have seen. The genie does change donald into a girl, and hes stuck that way for 24 hours (I think). Unfortunately the female version is done as a very unconvencing drag act. Anyway the genie later changes it so donald can snap his/her finger to change gender. Then for a reason I can't remember the genie makes it so anyone who snaps their fingers near donald causes him/her to switch gender. The two girls from the show have some fun changing him later at the beach dance. Presonally I would have prefered if they used a female actress.

originally posted by anonymous on 2002-08-04, no edits, entryid=4238