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Chrono Trigger
  • Categories:Gender, Animal, Video Game, Magical
  • Release Date: August 12, 1995
  • Original Game System: SNES
  • Re-released on PlayStation as Final Fantasy Chronicles: June 29,2001
  • Square


One of the characters that joins your party is a humanoid frog called Frog. Frog was originally Glen, a human squire to the knight Cyrus of "Knight of the Square Table" in 600 A.D.. Glen was changed into his current form by the powerful mage, Magus. The only way to break this curse on Frog is to beat Magus.

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Lbh unir n pubvpr va jurgure be abg gb erpehvg Znthf gb wbva lbhe cnegl. Vs lbh pubbfr lrf, Sebt erznvaf nf n Sebt. Vs lbh pubbfr abg gb erpehvg Znthf, Sebt naq Znthf jvyy qhry, naq vs Sebt orngf uvz, va gur raq Sebt ergheaf gb uvf uhzna sbez.

Animal 2:
If you beat this game, you can replay as a New Game+, starting at the beginning with all of your best equipment. You also have the ability to face off against the final boss at any point in the game, with a different ending at different points.

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Qvab Ntr ("Sbejneq gb gur Cnfg") Orng Ynibf nsgre lbh qrsrng Znthf (Nlyn jvyy jnxr lbh hc va 65Z OP).Gur bcravat fprar vf ercrngrq, rkprcg gung Puebab naq uvf Zbgure ner Ercgvgrf! Jura lbh tb gb gur Zvyyraavny Snve, rirelbar gurer ner ercgvgrf nf jryy, rkprcg sbe gur Terra Wbttre, jub vf uhzna. Nsgre gur perqvgf, Nmnyn vf nybar ba gur fperra, naq "GUR RAQ" qebcf ba ure.

At a point in the game (Magus's Castle) you have to fight a magician named Flea. Flea appears as a beautiful woman, and someone in your current party says something pertaining to flea being female, this triggers flea to say "Hey! I'm a man!", "Male? Female? Whats the difference? Power is beauty, and I've got the power!"
Not really a transformation, but it is something strange there.

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