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Mister! We Shrunk Our Mom commercial Unknown
  • Categories:Size, Commercial
  • (C) 1992, Magic, Promotional


This is an 11 minute fantasy/promotional video for Kirby vacuum cleaners. Three kids are watching a Kirby commercial about monsters (dust mites, germs, pollen, etc) that live in their home. When all three kids use their remotes simulataneously, the combined beam bounces off the television, hits their mother (who is vacuuming with a "Brand X" machine) and shrinks her so small that dust mites really do look like giant monsters to her! (The "monsters" are animated, but the mother and her vacuum remain live.) A door-to-door Kirby salesman shows up, and the foursome send a (TA-DA!) Kirby vacuum cleaner to Mom so she can clean up the monsters. Kirby used to sell copies of this video several years ago, and it may still be available. (In the late 90s you could order it over the Internet and even see clips from it, but those sites are now closed.)

originally posted by Cobe on 2002-09-01, 1 edit, entryid=4199