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Trancers 2
  • Categories:Gender, Female, Age, Movie
  • (C) 1991, 85 mins, R, Cast: (McNulty, male) Art LaFleur, (McNulty, teenage girl) Alyson Croft, Possession, Action, Sci-Fi, On Video


This sequel to the movie Trancers takes place six year later and brings back the original cast members. Art LaFleur once again portrays the gruff older (male) cop, and Alyson Croft reprises her role of McNulty in 1991 Los Angeles -- but this time she's all grown up into a healthy young teenage girl.

Before traveling back to 1991 McNulty worries that as a teenage girl all the guys will be trying to get into her pants, but that's his only ancestor in the time period Jack Deth is staying in. McNulty stays in the movie as a teenage girl throughout the movie to keep tabs on things, smoking cigars and acting decidely inappropriate for a teenage girl. Good fun.

Jack's first wife shows up in the body of a young woman. We never see her original body.

McNulty is in most of this serial as a secondary character, possessing the teenage version of the little girl he possesed in the first film.

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