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Earth Girls Are Easy
  • Categories:Size, Movie
  • 99 mins, PG, Comedy, Sci-Fi, On Video


Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey, and Damon Wayans portray three furry aliens whose ship crashes to earth -- in Geena Davis' pool. Geena's character stares in disbelief, and decides that she must be hallucinating or something. A spaceship can't possibly have landed in her pool! She decides to prove it to herself by diving into the pool and swimming right through the imaginary ship -- and promptly hits her head on the hull and knocks herself unconscious.

Inside the alien ship Jeff Goldblum's character realizes that she'll drown without assistance, so he stands on a pad and slowly grows via a device in their ship until he is fully human size. Then he picks Geena Davis out of the pool and takes her back into their ship -- shrinking them both in the same way he left the ship.

A fun movie, but the size transformation is minor and only lasts a few minutes on screen.


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