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Final Fantasy V
  • Categories:Gender, Female, Male, Shapeshifter, Video Game
  • Original Game System: Super Famicom (Japanese equivalent to SNES)
  • Original Japanese Release Date: December 6, 1992
  • Re-Released as part of Final Fantasy Anthology on PlayStation: September 30, 1999
  • Re-Released as Final Fantasy V Advance on GBA: November 6, 2006


The Metamorph character appears to be an old Male wizard. After he attacks once, he usually "morphs". One of the possible transformations is SHIVA, the ICE Princess. He takes on the appearance and the abilities of whoever he changes into.

Near the end of the game, you are in a castle. You find and free a woman and follow her. She then disappears for a while. After you try to enter a locked door several times, she reveals herself to be an ugly male Dark King that your party must now fight.

The evil warlord Ex-Death reveals his true form in the end: A monstrous, evil tree.

Square is at it again. This time though, it is a girl pretending to be a guy. The Character Faris is the Pirate Captain, a strong man? Actually, after two scenes where we see something is a little off, such as when Bartz and Gaulf are acting goofy after seening him in his room and later when Faris refuses to warm by the fire with the guys, we find out he is really Princess Salsa of Tycoon, Renia's Lost sister. Weird that they have this fun with Gender in ther games.

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