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Secret Places Dollhouse commercial Unknown
  • Categories:Size, Commercial
  • (C) 1993, Dream, Fantasy, manufactured by Galoob


Two little girls (one carrying a cat) look over their Secret Places dollhouse. The cat is set down, and the girls shrink to the size of one of the dolls (about two inches). As the theme music plays, the girls discover the secret compartment that holds the doll's doll (the "secret place" of the title) and then shrink to THAT doll's size (meaning they are now doll-sized compared to the original doll). The girls run through the house apparently enjoying being so small. (Various props are show close to the girls to give the sense of how tiny they are, such as the eraser end of a pencil on the dollhouse table. And of course the cat peers over the top of one of the rooms where the girls are playing.) At the end of the commercial the girls grow back to normal size. (The Secret Places dollhouse by Galoob sold poorly. I guess the ad company misjudged how many little girls fantasized about being the size of an ant.)


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