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Bella (Juggs Magazine July 1984)
  • Categories:Female, Comic Book
  • Title "Bella" *a comic strip in Juggs Magazine July 1984 issue), (C) 1984, Adult Content, Body Swap, Body Thief, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Juggs is the name of the magazine, Bella is the name of the lead character and also the recurring comic strip story within the magazine by the artist Bill Ward.


In the July 1984 issue the switch has already been made in the black and white comic strip. (4 pages long) It is likely that the May issue was where the mind swap was made. Bella was not in the June 1984 issue.

Busty Bella, a sweet and extremely busty young woman, and the star of the comic strip, has had her psyche switched with a sleek and nasty villainess Selena Cement, a slightly older and slightly less busty woman wanted for many crimes.

Selena decides she wants her body back and tries to retrieve it before her henchmen dispose of her former self (with Bella's mind) in a swamp! Will Bella get her body back or be a wanted criminal forever? Or will evil Selena have to learn to adapt to Bella's stolen 'barrage balloons' preceeding her wherever she goes?

The bodyswap storyline began in a prior issue but ends in this issue!

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