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Twas The Night
  • Categories:Size, Movie
  • (C) 2001


A boy and his uncle see Santa Clause and he tries to get away. Santa runs over toward the fireplace and trips over a coal shovel. He hits his head on the fireplace and gets knocked out. Then Danny and his uncle go over to Santa and get on their knees next to him. Danny picks up a round gold ball like device and while holding it pushes a button on it. Then his uncle shrinks down to a few inches tall. Danny then presses another button on the ball and his uncle returns back to his normal size. Then near the end of the movie three guys come to Danny's house looking for his uncle. A few minutes later his uncle shows up and shrinks one of the men down to only a few inches in height with the device. He then turns the man back to his normal height and the three men go driving off.

originally posted by anonymous on 2002-11-03, no edits, entryid=4081