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Playstation Ad for Ratchet and Clank Video Game commercial Unknown
  • Categories:Animal, Commercial
  • (C) Fall 2002, Comedy, Animal TF, device


In this "home movie" style live action ad for an upcoming Playstation 2 video game, a group of guys is demonstrating a makeshift morphing ray in their backyard. The narrator, presumably holding the camcorder, introduces Jerry, the test subject and mentions that the "morpha" ray "changes your enemies into chickens." As Jerry nervously stands waiting to be shot, he suddenly panics and tries to delay the demonstration, asking the other guys to explain exactly what will happen...before he can finish, he is shot with the ray gun and is turned into a real chicken (great special effect). The guys stare at the camera in disbelief as the narrator laughs "It worked...Jerry's a chicken". As the guys run around trying the catch Jerry, the narrator continues laughing, asking "are you sure we can change him back?" Quite funny.

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