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Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure episode No Disguise

  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode
  • Title "No Disguise", Episode: 4, (C) 1999, Japanese, Action, Comedy, Animated, On Video, English Subtitled, English Dubbed


Dr. Sanada has come up with a way to prevent Rara from discovering their new pilot is a male (since all the pilots are normally female). He develops a flight suit for Kazuki designed to give him a girl's face, voice, and figure. Kazuki is not happy with the situation, but does enjoy the boobs Dr. Sanada has installed in the suit. Assured by Dr. Sanada that no one will know who he is, he introduces himself to the support crew as a girl, and then is mortified as they burst out laughing-stung by a remark Dr. Sanada said the day before, Mitsuki has told them his secret.

The actual fitting scene is pretty good, even though the change is only a cosmetic one.


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