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Mutant X episode Body and Soul
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode
  • Title "Body and Soul", (C) 2002, Body Swap, Body Thief, Possession, Action, Sci-Fi


16 year old boy was being trained in Astral Projection and possesion to become the ultimate assassin. However, something went wrong and his body died before he could return to it. He now is stuck having to constantly take over other bodies as his possesion burns them out and when he leavesfor a new body the old body is dead. He is currently hunting and killing the members of the original research team whom he blames for his fate.

For this portion of the list he takes over a young female bystander for 5 or 6 scenes as well as a female reporter who latches on to the story.

There are also 2 male possesions as follows, Initially he appears as the chauffer of the first victim, (takeover done off camera) during attempt at 2nd scientist he shifts to female bystander, then having gotten the reporter to locate the 3rd scientist he's after he shifts to the reporter's cameraman, and finally for the denouement he makes a final shift into the female reporter.

The female characters are very good looking but it's done very comic book style and the boy doesn't exhibit any reaction to the change of sex.



a series of pics from the episode

The kids in the drivers body making


The transference

The driver�s dead body

The boy now in the woman�s body

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