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The Life of Riley issue multiple
  • Categories:Gender, Comic Book
  • Title "multiple", Issue: multiple, (C) 2002, ClanBOB, Comedy, Sci-Fi


The Life of Riley is an on-line comic ( One of the main characters is Dan, a simple-minded guy -- emphasis on the simple. But Dan's not just an ordinary guy, not anymore...

Dan is an artist, and therefore a utilizes right hemisphere of his brain, however he now possesses his A+ certification -- a computer tech certification which requires his brain to process the information using the left hemisphere of his brain. Each time he does so, he advances to "stage 2" -- which violently tears at the fabric of our reality.

One of the side-effects of tearing at our reality when Dan becomes an artist/tech is that people nearby tend to switch genders. This happens with both male and female characters, and the effects are usually reversed before too long.

Strip 36: "I'm going to hell". Aaron and William are transformed into girls.

Strip 252: "I am deeply disturbed". Dan gets a taste of his own medicine when another character named Dan (we'll refer to him as evil-Dan) demonstrates that he too the ability to reach stage 2, altering reality so that good-Dan is a chick. Aaron and Step are also changed -- in their bedroom (Aaron: (after the change) " wanna...?").

Strip 253: "F reality". Good-Dan is still a chick and pixie (evil Dan's lackey) is turned into a guy.

Strip 254: "Idiots...". Good-Dan is still a chick -- nice pics to that effect :)

Strip 259: "Oh, for the love of God". We see a scene from a battle between the two Dans, with evil-Dan transformed into "quite the do-able chick".

Strip 270: "Top heavy". Both Dans are transformed into chicks while battling each other. Evil-Dan almost loses her balance as she becomes top-heavy :)

Strip 271 "There's a trick, right?". Both Dans are still chicks, battling it out. Oops, good-Dan has lost her balance and isn't wearing a bra...

Strip 272: "Math Chick". Good-Dan (still a chick) advances to here-to-fore unseen stage 3 and turns into a slightly more mature chick, complete with a new outfit and hairstyle.

Strip 273: "BILLIONS". Good-Dan is still a stage 3 chick.

Strip 276: "It's getting very near the end". It's still good-Dan stage 3 chick vs evil-Dan.

Strip 277: "That's a wrap". Both Dan's are chicks as the battle ends.

Strip 285: "He loses more dates this way". Bood-Dan is helping an attractive chick figure out what's wrong with her computer when he accidentally changes her into a guy when advancing to stage 2 to solve the problem (transformation not shown). Talking with Aaron afterwards we find out that this has happened three times now...

Strip 286: "Well, what would you do?". Good-Dan finds an attractive chick that he likes, but she tells him that it ain't gonna work -- she's gay ("If only you were a chick..."). By the last panel, good-Dan is on the phone with evil-Dan.

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