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Saturday Night Live episode Robert Smiegel cartoon parody
  • Categories:Misc, Television Episode
  • Title "Robert Smiegel cartoon parody", (C) 2002, Episode, Adult Content, Magic, Comedy, 5 minute cartoon segment


On saturday night live tonight, in a Robert Smiegel cartoon parody, the gang waved their hands around Chuck's stick of a tree and turned it into a superior tree with glitter and gleam!

Realizing that the dozen or so kids possessed a strange power as a group, they wander off and change a wreck of a car into a hot new auto, an old streetwalker into a Christina aguilara/Brittany clone, 2 kids snow angels into real angels that take the shocked kids away into the sky, Liza minelli into a blonde male model to the pleasure of her husband David, an older woman Talk show host?) into a younger sexier version of herself, Ben Affleck's hand much bigger so he can get the full experience of J Lo's awesome behind (it's big :), Michael Jackson's baby into a big muscular baby who can knock some sense into Michael, and Anna Nicole into Ozzie Ozborne.

Then they give Charlie Brown hair, turn the bird characters into hot human chicks, Piano playing Schroeder into a 4 member band (the Beatles???), The 2 girls one smart and one dumb, into grownup lesbians, The dog into a golden statue of a bull, and NBC's Tom Brokaw into a lookalike of Tom Cruise!

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172 months

originally posted by cj on 2002-12-15, no edits, entryid=3968