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  • Categories:Female, Movie, Marked for deletion
  • 144 mins, Body Swap, Body Thief, Magic, Comedy, Fantasy


This entry now marked for deletion - duplicate entry - cj 2008 aug 07

Young adults' film about a group of college girls; they are very competitive, to the point of being somewhat catty. An ancient charm causes one of them to swap bodies with a male small-time thief. The two are Jessica and Clive Maxtone, played by Rob Schneider and Rachel McAdams. We don't see much of Clive now that he is in Jessica's body, although we see that he exploits it for extracting money from men. Most of the action now follows Jessica in his body, trying to come to terms with surviving, and then getting her own body back.

There is a clever sequence in the men's lavatory at a club when Jessica, in his body, is going to urinate. There is an attendant, excellently played by the laid-back Dick Gregory, who eventually explains to Jessica how to urinate standing up.

Matt Weinberg plays Jessica's younger brother (called "Booger" apparently, another British - American language pitfall) who tries on Jessica's clothes. While Jessica has apparently disappeared, she is actually working at the house in Clive's body, as a gardener. S/he spots the boy through the bedroom window and glares at him ... body language which results in the boy's recognising that the body swap has taken place.

Melora Hardin is Jessica's mother; she makes sexual advances to Clive without knowing that it's really Jessica inside his body. Jessica makes the remark that this is illegal in at least five different ways.

originally posted by Eric on 2002-12-21, 3 edits, entryid=3960