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Michael Crichton book Prey
  • Categories:Gender, Book
  • Title "Prey", (C) 2002, Illusion, Possession, Sci-Fi, Suspense


Nanoparticles got loose in the wild and evolved. Some got inside the workers in the production plant in desert Nevada. The nanoparticles became symbiotic with their human hosts, but they were also feeding on the hosts in the same time. The hosts' body became pale and cadaverous form, where the particles filled out the outer form to make its host appear normal while other nanoparticles were inside the body, controlling the host.

The TG part was near the end of the book(page 351), where the main character, Jack was all alone in the plant where all the others already became host for the nanoparticles, including his wife, Julia, whom was the first to be taken over. They were looking at the production line where there was a mirror. As they looked in the mirror, large potion of Julia's nanoparticles moved from her body to his, purposely making him look like her. Then, the particles moved back to Julia and making her looked like him.

The whole thing last about one page.

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