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"Smoke and Mirror" episode of Stargate SG-1
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode
  • Series: Stargate SG-1
  • Title "Smoke and Mirror", Season 6 Episode 14, Series, Illusion, Shapeshifter, Action, Sci-Fi, MTF, MTM


The alien device from episode "Foothold" returned. 12 of the devices were recovered and sent to Area 51. But someone swap them with fakes and gave them to NID rogue personnel, in order to kill a senator that's about to turn against them, and they used Col. Jack O'Neil's device to impersonate him and killed the senator. O'Neil was arrested for killing the senator, and SG-1 looked into the whole thing trying to clear Jack's name.

It turn out Area 51 researchers were able to create the device, but the impersonating image only lasted a few minutes. Major Carter impersonated the killer, a male NID rogue agent, and went to the meeting with the "Committee", and managed to record their meeting and later arrested all of the member with help of head of NID that was determined to clear the house, once for all. A "transformation" from the male NID agent to Major Carter took place at near the end, while 2 other male to male transformations also took place on screen.

originally posted by The Gambler on 2003-01-03, 5 edits, entryid=3947