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Poison Arrow
  • Categories:Size, Music Video
  • by ABC, (C) 1982, British, Illusion, Magic, Fantasy, Lead signer Martin Fry, Director Julian Temple


The Video is about a man obsessed with a woman who doesn't love him. In a brief sequence in the middle he, the lead singer, harrasses her in a nightclub, she takes out a powder puff compact and blows powder at him and he seems to disappear. Cut to an upward angle of her blowing the powder, then to a shot of him crawling around upon the table around now huge glasses and siverware. After a few seconds of him being overwelmed by the sounds of her adding antacids to her champaine and her nearly crushing him with her glass he looks up and says, "I thought you loved me but it seems you don't care." she replies, "I care enough to know I could never love you." and puts the glass down over him. A good song by an underrated band, the video appears on a compelation VHS called "Absolutely ABC" put out by Polygram video. It was Directed by Julian Temple

originally posted by lbh on 2003-01-05, no edits, entryid=3935