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"episode name Unknown" episode of Jackie Chan Adventures
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode
  • Series: Jackie Chan Adventures
  • Title "?", Episode: ?, (C) 2002, Canadian, Body Swap, Magic, Action, Comedy, Animated
  • I do know it aired before the other entry for Jackie Chan Adventures.


In this episode, Jade, Thoru, Jackie, and Uncle go to a Chinese-style Transylvania to pick up some Antiques for Uncle's shop. A Chinese vampire steals all of Thoru's chi, and Uncle puts some of Jade's chi into Thoru. Thoru acts like the tomboy for most of the episode. Another chi transfusion later on has Jade acting like the old man Uncle for most of second half of the episode. It's more of a personality swap than a body swap. (from the Editor, this doesn't sound like it counts. Can someone please confirm one way or the other if this should be included.)

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