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The Importance of Being Phoebe
  • Categories:Female, Television Episode
  • Body Thief, Magic, Shapeshifter, Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
  • Series: Charmed


Very funny show. Demons have tried to destroy the charmed ones using all kinds of black magic & always failed. I guess they're through with being 'Mr Nice Guy' because now they bring on lawyers and the law! Operating behind the scenes Cole has Piper's club shut down because it has rats, frames Paige for a fatal hit and run accident & she ends up in jail. And Phoebe loses her job because of being sued! The TF part is that Cole has hired a shape shifter to impersonate Phoebe. He kidnaps Phoebe & has this girl( who wants Cole for herself) impersonate her. 'Phoebe' convinces her sisters to take 'her' powers away as she might be under Cole's spell. Piper does.

Later Phoebe impersonates the demon impersonating her.
Recommended eposide. Has a great funny line when asked by Phoebe "How can you be so Evil?" Cole responds with "It's a gift!"



1. Demonic lapdancer Kaia (Angela Litle) ...

2. ... turns herself into ...

3. ... a copy of Phoebe (Alyssa Milano).

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