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My Hero episode Mine's a Double
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode
  • Title "Mine's a Double", Episode, Body Thief, Possession


Saw only the end which had the tg
"George has to attend a Super-Hero Conference which means leaving Janet at home alone, minding the baby. In their wisdom, the Ultron Council provides a 'George clone' with the unlikely name of Hilary to keep Janet company. But while Hilary looks just like the real thing, his character couldn't be more different. When he dresses up as ThermoMan to steal a bike, ThermoMan's reputation is smeared and the Ultron Council is forced to deprive George of all his superpowers. It looks like Hilary will steal George's position for good, but he hasn't bargained on some formidable opposition from a desperate Janet!"
Spoiler!! Janet also gets a clone and at the end it is revealed that it is a male memeber of the council. Who says on leaving to Janet "By the way great Body", she replies "thanks"

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