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Ewoks issue The Incredible Shrinking Princess
  • Categories:Size, Comic Book
  • Title "The Incredible Shrinking Princess", Issue: 11, (C) 1987, DC Comics, Magic, Fantasy


The Fleebogs (ant-sized creatures on the Ewok planet) present Princess Kneesaa with a Damsel Flower. When she breathes its pollen, she begins to shrink; when she is ant-sized herself (happens pretty quickly) the Fleebogs capture her. Ewoks Wicket and Teebo get their Shaman to give them some growing powder and to shrink them to Fleebog size to rescue their princess. It seems the Fleebogs needed the Ewoks' help to fight the dreaded Ra-Lugg (a cross between a giant spider and a scorpion) and at their tiny size, none of the Ewoks noticed them. Wicket and Teebo tell the Fleebogs that the Damsel Flower has an awful side effect on Ewoks: It causes them to continue shrinking forever unless a cure is given. Princess Kneesaa becomes so tiny that SHE is the relative size of an ant to the Fleebogs before they defeat the Ra-Lugg and give her the cure.

originally posted by Cobe on 2003-01-23, no edits, entryid=3883