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"Operation: C. A. B. L. E.-T. V." episode of Codename: Kids Next Door


Operation: C.A.B.L.E.-T.V. (Crazy Arrogant Baby Loses Every Television Viewer) "Mr. B" is the president of the KidsTastic Cable TV Network. He looks like a baby and even has to wear diapers, but he talks with an adult voice and smokes a cigar... and he HATES being called a baby. He enlists the KND to link into their satellite system and broadcast a show worldwide. But it turns out Mr. B really wanted to unleash his Baby Ray (hidden in his cigar) to turn everyone in the world into babies so no one would tease him about being a baby again. The ray turns one boy and one girl into babies, but KND leader "Number 1" turns the tables on Mr. B before the ray can do more damage. The ray hits Mr. B and makes him act like a real baby. "Number 1" dismantles the ray and throw the cigar out the clubhouse window... where members of the Kids' rival gang pick it up, snickering.

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