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Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters
  • Categories:Female, Movie
  • (C) 2000, 89 mins, Adult Content, Body Swap, Possession, Sci-Fi, On Video


aka Emmanuelle 2000 - Intimate Encounters

Emmanuelle in Emanuelle 2000 is played by Holly Sampson.

"Emmanuelle 2000" is a seven movie series that deals with mind control, body swapping, and manipulation. 'Intimate Encounters' is the first of these films available on video (VHS/DVD), but all seven were shot at the same time )in the year 2000).

A female scientist bound to a wheelchair invents a device that allows the wearer of a headband to enter the mind of anyone wearing a specially created necklace. The device has multiple settings that enable the headband wearer to observer, manipulate, or even completely control the body of the person wearing the necklace.

In the initial encounter, the inventor of the device (a woman in a wheelchair) takes control of Emmanuelle's body to seduce her boyfriend -- without Emmanuelle's consent. Unexpectedly, Emmanuelle ends up in the inventor's body, and quickly deduces what has happened and how the device that took her body must work (not the technical details, just the basics of how to use it).

Rather than being upset, Emmanuelle finds the device interesting and befriends the scientist, offering to test the device in her adventures around the world. Apparently she really gets around :)

There are a number of interesting scenese that take place involving taking over and/or controlling another person's body. In addition to F/F body switching, Emmanuelle is temporarily trapped in a man's body, unable to control his actions, trapped as a "passenger" in his mind, seeing and feeling what he feels. She gets stuck that way after entering his mind while they were having sex, so she could feel what he feels while having sex with her.

In another scene, a man finds the device and accidentally activates it. Emmanuelle had set it up to take over her girlfriend's body just before a Halloween party as part of a joke (to set her up), but instead the guy suddenly ends up in her body. He doesn't waste much time before getting to know his new body, but Emmanuelle pulls him out of it just before he reaches orgasm.

Throughout the series, many variations on this concepts occur. Not exactly a great plot, but definitely fun to watch if you're into this type of thing.

The video is available in both R and unrated versions; I highly recommend the unrated version. It is available at BUY.COM and others, as well as at the following "official" web site:


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