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Drawing Power episode Playground Power
  • Categories:Age, Television Episode
  • Title "Playground Power", Comedy, Fantasy, Animated, On Video


From the people who brought us School House Rock. This particular collection of episodes includes a superhero segment of a character named Mr. Different who shows people what it's like to be different by transforming them in various ways, including making a troublesome boy into an old man and the pestered old woman into a young girl. MR. D. can also transform himself, once into a cat and another time into a basketball. There's also a seperate segment in the video in which some kids speculate on their future careers and quickly change into adult versions of themselves. In still another segment, a superhero named Supershoes transforms an unruly class clown into his older female teacher, kinda. It's open to interpretation. He might just be wearing a dress and standing on a chair behind her desk. He does seem to be filling the dress out in the right place though.

originally posted by Justin on 2003-01-29, no edits, entryid=3874