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House Call
  • Categories:Female, Television Episode
  • Title "House Call", Season 5 Episode 13, (C) 2003, Episode, Magic,,8201,||1251,00.html
  • Series: Charmed


Witch Doctors come to rid the Manor of the residue of evil sprits that have begun to invade the manor. Upon completion, the Witch doctor takes personal belongings of each of the witches and leaves. He believes that they are evil and that is the reason for all of the evil sprits. They decide to use their powers to turn the Girls issues into obsessions. Paige was excited to see that her Ex is back in town and she wants to get back together with him. She then learns that he is to be married, and then obsesses with wanting to be the one married to him. She uses her power to kidnap his fianc´┐Że and then takes her place. Pretty cool change from the stunning Red Headed Rose McGowan to the blonde. After she sees the pain she caused her Ex for kidnapping, she changes back.



Paige (Rose McGowan), obsessed with

her ex-boyfriend Glen, is upset that

he will marry someone else.

What's a magic-wielding whitelighter

witch to do?

That's easy --she'll take on the

appearance of his fiancee Jessica

(Erinn Bartlett) and take her place

at the wedding!

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