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Turbo Teen episode Unknown
  • Categories:Size, Television Episode
  • Title "unknown", Episode: unknown, (C) n/a, Episode, Magic, Sci-Fi, Animated


There was an episode of "Turbo Teen" in which one of the main characters is accidentally shrunken to a few inches tall during a test in a laboratory. The scientist friend of theirs who was conducting the experiment sends them on a mission to recover a microchip after shrinking the rest of them and they first encounter a robot who is sent to destroy them and is short-curcuited. Later, they manage to get on a banquet table where the mistress and her henchman are eating. One of the characters is almost eaten, and then the table is somehow flipped over and Turbo Teen gets inside the henchman's suit and drives all over the inside of his suit, tickling him. They get out and the woman raises a foot to stomp on them, but they drive by a banana and one of the characters peels it and puts it on the floor as the woman steps down. She slips and falls and Turbo Teen uses his turbo boost and narrowly escapes as the woman falls on her butt. At one point, Turbo Teen is tossed into a Piranha tank and transforms, and they also end up in a pinball machine and one of the bad guys tries to kill them with the game. They also steal the chip at one point, but lose it as they run out of the pinball game to retrieve it and the mistress gets away. Later, they somehow manage to get to the submarine and thwart them there by causing the submarine to rise. They all are restored at the end, except the black guy and the dog, who eat a giant sandwich at the end.

originally posted by anonymous on 2003-02-08, no edits, entryid=3858