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Shrimps For a Day
  • Categories:Age, Movie
  • (C) 1934, 20 mins, Cast: (Mary, child) Olive Brasso, (Dick, as child) George Brasso, (Spanky) Spanky McFarland, (Mr. Crutch) Clarence Wilson, )Mary, as adult) Doris McMahan, Dick (as adult) Joe Young, Magic, Comedy, On Video


A Little Rascals comedy short. While witnessing a party for children at a nearby orphanage, Mary says she envies the kids and wishes she and her fiancee Dick could be children again. As she has just been handed what looks like an Aladdin's Lamp, the wish is granted. As kids, Mary and Dick join the party, but cannot explain that they are not one of the orphans when its time to go back to the orphanage. At that institution, Mary and Dick discover that the supposedly kindly caretaker Mr. Crutch and his wife are really cruel ogres who mistreat the children. Dick escapes, but Mary must flee from an angry Mr. Crutch, while Spanky throws painful obstacles in Mr. Crutch's path. Dick returns with the lamp, and both are restored to adulthood, and expose Mr. Crutch. For a happy ending, Spanky gets his hands on the lamp and wishes Mr. Crutch was his size, then gives the cruel geezer a good pounding.

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