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Li'l Abner issue newspaper comic strip 6/13/58 to 8/14/58
  • Categories:Size, Comic Book
  • Title "newspaper comic strip 6/13/58 to 8/14/58", (C) 1958, New York Daily Mirror, Magic, Comedy, reprinted in "Li'l Abner: The 1958 Dailies" by Kitchen Sink Press


Abner Yokum travels into the Brazilian jungles with a local guide O Amoroso. They are captured by a tribe of Amazons (all sexy babes) who possess the mysterious shrinking baths, which they use to reduce men into harmless living toys. The Amazons attempt to dump Abner and O Amoroso into the baths is interrupted by a vicious alligator, which tips over the bath tub, splashing only parts of the two men. O Amoroso's body is shrunk to mouse-size, but retains his full-size head. Abner, however, retains his full-size body, but his head is shrunk to the size of a pea. To escape the jungle, O Amoroso sits on Abner's shoulders, giving the illusion the two are one man. Humor occurs when the head (O Amoroso) is forced to jump off the body (Abner) for reasons varying from avoiding a swordsman to saving an airplane. Abner's head is subsequently unshrunk by boiling water from a geyser.

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