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Li'l Abner issue Unknown
  • Categories:Size, Comic Book
  • (C) 1959, New York Daily Mirror, Comedy, reprinted in 1997 in "Li'l Abner: The 1959 Dailies" by Kitchen Sink Press.


Newspaper comic strip 7/18/59 to 9/11/59. Abner reads the latest adventure of his "comical strip ideel" Fearless Fosdick, who tangles with the sneaky Nelson Shrinkafeller. Shrinkafeller uses shrinking juice secured from jungle headshrinkers to steal various New York landmarks by making them too tiny to be seen and thus very easy to carry off. Among the victims are all members of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, including conductor Leonard Bernstein, who at one point is seen crawling out of Fosdick's Sunday hat. Along the way, all occupants of Fosdick's police precinct are momentarily shrunk to bug size, as is a brow-beating frump of a wife ("Whatever you did to Fanny, bless you!"). To escape capture by Fosdick, Shrinkafeller turns the juice on himself and commits "shrinkacide." Despite being too small to see, Shrinkafeller is captured by Fosdick, who takes him to court where he pays "the supreme penalty" when the judge, not seeing the criminal, raps his gavel of the bench to demand to know where he is.

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