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Iron Man Annual issue The More-or-Less Return of the Molecule Man
  • Categories:Inanimate, Gender, Comic Book
  • Title "The More-or-Less Return of the Molecule Man", Issue: 3, (C) 1976, Marvel, Body Thief, Action, Sci-Fi, Issue also (perhaps ironically) features the Man Thing


When anyone touches the wand that holds the spirit of the Molecule Man, the villain overwhelms the victim's mind and takes over his body; that body also reforms to the muscular, jagged-tooth form of Molecule Man. When a little girl picks up the wand, her body becomes muscular and jagged-toothed, but (to MM's chagrin) the victim's gender does not change, so the villain is sort of a "Molecule Girl" for this adventure.

A little girl is possessed by the spirit of the Molecule Man. The girl returns home and scares her mother. The mentally-unstable girl is angered by her mother's attitude and turns her into a doll. By the end of the issue, the girl is freed and the mother returns to normal.

originally posted by Cobe on 2003-02-17, 1 edit, entryid=3840