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Li'l Abner issue Unknown
  • Categories:Gender, Comic Book
  • (C) 1953, New York Daily Mirror, Comedy, reprinted in 1994 as "Li'l Abner: The 1953 Dailies" by Kitchen Sink Press.


(note from the editor, this does not sound like a transformation, and will probably not be included in the list) newspaper comic strip 4/6/53 to 7/9/53. Li'l Abner Yokum becomes a female, at least on paper. A law is enacted in Lower Slobbovia making Abner a Slobbovian citizen and declaring him to be female. Renamed Liddle Anya, he spends the next three months in drag adapting to being female because he/she "obeys all laws, no matter how humiliating." This includes taking a job as sparring partner for gorgeous lady wrestler Tara Leggoff, who helps Anya with her makeup, loans clothes, and takes on a double date with two Slobbovian sailors (Pop Ivan and Sid Seasick). Anya eventually engages in a wrestling match with Tara for the right to marry General Bullmoose's son Weakfish. Abner becomes male again when rebels overthrow the Slobbovian government and repeal all laws.

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