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Hugh Deacon book Designed to Be Female (part 1-2)
  • Categories:Gender, Book
  • Title "Designed to Be Female (part 1-2)", Adult Content, Slow Change,


John Wren is a Private Detective engaged to find a missing wife, a job which involves him in cross-dressing to get into a private club where he is sure he will find the delectable Helen. But she finds him first and feeds him a drugged drink. He wakes in her private sanatorium where he appears to have undergone some kind of major surgery. To while away some of the endless hours, Helen talks to him of her husband, of the women she procured for him, of his need to put them into bondage before he could become aroused. The story is evidently leading somewhere, as is the operation and the drugs he is being fed.
When the truth finally reveals itself � that he is a replacement for a girl murdered by Helen�s husband � John Wren is so far down the path of becoming Jenny Wren that there is no turning back!

�Jenny� Wren is fast becoming all female, although the mind trapped inside the body is still male, still trying to fight back and still trying to make sense of the entrapment and the changes. Used and abused by some of Helen�s clients, subjected to further surgery and modifications, he/she finally accepts that this is his/her life, that there is no going back.
And that life as a woman isn�t at all bad!

originally posted by anonymous on 2003-02-26, no edits, entryid=3811