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Like Soda Pop commercial Unknown
  • Categories:Gender, Commercial
  • (C) 1968 or 69, Magic, Comedy


(Editor's Note: this has already been added to the list)
The 7Up people created a diet soda called "Like" in 1963, and later renamed it "Diet 7Up" in 1970. Shortly on the heels of the first Virginia Slims cigarettes ad campaign in 1968, they apparently wanted to corner a similar market in soda pop. Somewhere between 1968-1969 they made several television ads all featuring the same 30-second jingle, that went like this: LIKE is the o-nly / The first and o-nly / Soft drink just for girls. / Da da da something something something / Da da da something something something / LIKE is the something something something / Juuust fooor giiiiiirls. (3 lines about the pleasure of its refreshing flavor.) While the jingle played, some actors would perform a silent film pantomime, with one or more women enjoying drinking Like as the jingle ends. For example, I remember one where a man is trying to open a bottle of Like, but he cannot remove the cap; a woman comes along, easily gets the cap off, and takes the bottle for herself to drink. But I also remember this one commercial... It begins with a tough-faced, unshaven Beau-Geste-like French Foreign Legionnaire in a ragged uniform (torn white pants, dark jacket, and the white cap with a linen neck cloth) and a gorgeous woman alongside him in a torn designer dress staggering across the vast sands of a cruel desert with the blazing sun beating down upon them. Suddenly, at the top of a dune they see a cooler full of bottles of Like soda. The woman seems to claim the entire cooler for herself. She begins drinking the Like, while the parched man desperately begs for one from her; but she gestures "No, you can't have any" and pushes him away. Apparently she would rather her companion die of thirst than drink Like soda. As the jingle progresses, the camera does a close-up of her enjoying a refreshing bottle of Like. Then she lowers her bottle and looks off-camera. Her face quickly registers "OH NO!" with sadness and horror. The camera cuts back to a close-up of the Legionnaire's grisly face, he has somehow acquired a bottle of the forbidden beverage, and we see him as he is thirstily finishing it off. When the jingle reaches "Juuust fooor giiirls," he lowers his empty bottle, and now his face is aghast with shock and dismay. The camera pans far back to take in the entire scene on the sand dune. Now the Legionnaire is no longer wearing torn white pants, but is instead dressed in a knee-length white skirt with the same uniform. As the commercial ends, the Legionnaire waves her arms, in a "What the ...?" gesture, as the woman mimes despair at having lost her love interest. (Otherwise, the Legionnaire looks exactly the same -- ugly face, beard stubble; short hair; no figure, thick, hairy legs and all. LOL! But the looks on his/her own face, the look on the beautiful companion's face and the lyrics of the jingle all point to this as a gender transformation and not merely a change of clothing.) ----------
Many thanks to Fictitious Name and Suddenly Feels Old at Fictionmania for their help!

originally posted by Ronald Coleman on 2003-02-27, no edits, entryid=3805