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David Peterson book Reflection
  • Categories:Marked for Deletion
  • Title "Reflection", (C) 2000, Adult Content, Body Thief, Magic, Possession, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, taken off shelves


This entry is now marked for deletion - after nearly eight years of being unverified, I am still unable to find any trace that this book ever existed - 2015nov28 cj

I am unable to find any verification that this book ever existed, it is now marked as "Unverified" - cj 2007dec02

This entry is also very similar to David White book Reflection which is also unverified. - cj 2007dec02

(Editor's Note, this is already in the list. Is this ment as a correction?) Slater Robinson died of inhalation of a chemical with unknown side effects at his school. After the body of Slater is found his soul jumps out of his body. He is pretty p'oed. Slater sees his girlfriend Gina, and wispers something in her ear. As he does he is sucked inside of her body. He is amazed. He spends a long time as Gina. He learns how to de-possess and possesses alot of people mosly women. Slater angers a group call F.G.R and is being chased by them. They have scanners that can tell who Slater is in. Very sick book. He possesses his beautiful english teacher anbd makes love to a hooker in her after that he kills the hooker and goes to the school the next day and kills 3 people. He also possesses his sister and killed 10 others. Very sick scene when he possesses a 13 year old girl named Jen, and he has sex with a 29 year old man. He spends 1/4 of the book in men

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David White book Reflection

originally posted by anonymous on 2003-03-01, 3 edits, entryid=3802