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C.J. Cherryh book Gate of Ivrel
  • Categories:Male, Book
  • Title "Gate of Ivrel", Body Swap, Body Thief, Possession, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi


Well written book in a Andre Norton like way, though it has a power that her books don't have. It is a mixture of technology and sword play! The first in a serious of three. The first is far and away the best. An Exiled Bastard Prince becomes an unwilling servant to a powerful woman of legend who has been in a status field. On their jounrel to destroy the gates on this world that link this world and others in the UNiverse ( this is her mission) they run across an evil advisor who has lived for perhaps many hundreds of years by stealing the bodies of others he fails to steal the Prince's body but does steal the young man's young cousins! There are hints in the books that perhaps the female character MORGAINE is not in her orginal body. BUt you never find out. She SAYS she hasn't.

originally posted by Eric on 2003-03-11, no edits, entryid=3785