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Vice Versa (1955) episode Unknown
  • Categories:Male, Television Episode
  • Body Swap, Fantasy, Cast: (The Father) Adolphe Menjou.


On hearing that his son doesn't want to go back to his English boarding school, an investment banker, who is just inspecting his newly acquired crystal artifact from India, upbraids the lad for what he wants to avoid. "I wish I was a boy with that kind of opportunity," the father says. As the crystal grants one wish per person, the father is converted into a duplicate of his son. He asks his son to wish him back, but the boy instead wishes himself into a duplicate of his father. As the father is trundled off to boarding school, the son assumes his father's place, using his wealth to please his every whim, and rearrange his father's investments out of coal mines and steel mills and into toy and candy companies. The father fares worse at school, repeatedly being caned for engaging in his favorite activities of smoking cigars and drinking brandy. The father eventually bribes his secretary to wish father and son back to their original bodies. A running joke has the changed father and son retain their original voices, which others mistake for their having bad colds, and forcing them to ingest foul-tasting medicines.

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