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Doraemon issue Unknown
  • Categories:Misc, Comic Book
  • pub: Japanese, Body Swap, Possession, Comedy


Read this long time ago when I was a kid, so memory is kind of faded.

2 issues came to mind. One was about a body swapping baton that will swap body between the two people. Several swap took place, started with a female child pop star swap with Nobita, ending with Doraemon inside the child pop star's body.

Second was about a basball cap that can lift the soul out of the body and can freely possess other body. Nobita tried it out on the street by putting on the hat to fly around the neighborhood in his spirit form without Doraemon's knowing. But a homeless guy took the hat from the soul-less Nobita's head and put on his, the soul came out of the old man's body and enter Nobita's body, and walked away. Nobita and Doraemon found out what happen and tried to chase down Nobita's stolen body by flying around, Doraemon with his helicopter propellar and Nobita in his spirit form, but in between, he possessed other people's body in order to talk to Doraemon, including couple of female bodies and a cat.


Swapping with the Idol...

originally posted by The Gambler on 2003-04-12, no edits, entryid=3731