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Inheritance (2004)
  • Categories:Female, Movie


Abby a very sweet, knd hearted care worker ( well played by voice actor Jeri Taylor) to a selfish very old woman. The woman isn't ready to die but when she does she gets help from her dead mother and sister to gradually possess the young girls body. The old woman has left her her house and all her money she Dyes and cuts her hair arranges for the girls fiance to find her in bed with a handsome young doctor. The girl fights back and even threatens to cut her face to pieces if she has to when the spirit of the old woman helped by spirts of mom and daughter try to take over and expell Abby spirts forever.

The acting is average expect for Jeri Taylor. I didn't like the ending line or the ending in general


The old woman succeeds. At ehe end she is staring happily in the mirror and says " I won you bitch! " then when the phone ringss she answers it and says 'Abby doesn't live here anymore. " which is out of character as she has successfully and deliberately pretended to be abby o her fiends and fiance even the old womans own daughter.


originally posted by guest (Eric) on 2006-08-06, no edits, entryid=373