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Iduna and Loki
  • Categories:Size, Mythology
  • Magic, Action, Scandinavian mythology


In this Scandinavian myth, Iduna (also called Idun) is the goddess of youth and beauty, and caretaker of the Golden Apples which kept the gods and goddesses of Asgard from growing old or dying. With Loki's help, a nasty giant named Tjassi kidnapped Iduna and imprisoned her in his castle. The deities of Asgard started getting old and feeble. Odin charged Loki with rescuing Iduna or never returning to Asgard again. Loki turned himself into a falcon and flew to Tjassi's castle while the big guy was out fishing. When he found Iduna, he shrank her to the size of an ant and carried her back to Asgard in a nutshell. (Some variations of the legend have Loki turning Iduna into a nut, or into a falcon to fly on her own.) By the way, Tjassi got wind of what was going on, turned himself into an eagle, and gave chase. Plenty of Internet entries on this myth if you want to find out if Iduna and Loki make it back...

originally posted by Cobe on 2003-04-21, no edits, entryid=3711