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Jack Vance
  • Categories:Male, Short Story
  • Title "chateau 'IF", In "Chateau and other stories", Body Swap, Body Thief, Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Suspense


This is by a Great SF Fantasy writer. This story was written in the 50s and is now in hardbound. Very well written story, it is somehwat harmed by the times in which it was written as the full complications of the plot couldn't be explored. Set in the future. A series of 'unrealted' events are happening, some of friends of the hero and other young men personalities are changing and they are becoming rich businessmen overnight. Also, a fabulous new building is being built, the Chateau D'If. They advertise a unique adventure to a bored and decandant world for 100,000. There is a very beuatiful young secretary to the owner who is very mysterious.

young men's bodies are sold to old, rich men. Who then become young and the young men become old. The hero turns the tables and gets his body back and restores the others who are still living. There were probably female to female swaps but none were mentioned. Also, the obvious one for TG wasn't explored either which was a pitty as I know from other books that Vance is not conventional and could have done very well here, but again it was written for a pulp magazine in the 50s.

originally posted by Eric on 2003-04-27, no edits, entryid=3698