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Robert Silverberg
  • Categories:Gender, Gender, Gender, Gender, Gender, Short Story
  • Title "Amanda and the Alien", In "Omni May 1983 / Best Science Fiction of the Year 13. ed Terry Carr. 1984", (C) 1983, Adult Content, Body Thief, Shapeshifter, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi


A shape-changing alien, escaped from a detention camp in the body of a female guard, has the misfortune to run into Amanda.

What's a Girl to do?

Get the alien a new male body of course, and who better than her hunky, EX-boyfriend with a terrible personality?

On a space station, a man hires a street kid to help him find the doctor that genetically altered him in the womb. But the doctor has undergone a change of his own.

In a future where shape changing is the norm for the upper class, the protagonist falls in love, at a party to determine the shape of an unborn child.

A malfunction occurs and people are left hung up in the matrix and then are sent back to various bodies until they reach thier own. A brief glimpse of one mind entering a female body.

Early in the story, a sexless (or female?) Piurivar copies a male artist living as a hermit in the woods. Later the metamorph seduces the man as a beautiful girl.

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