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Barbara Benedict book A Taste of Heaven
  • Categories:Female, Book
  • Body Swap, Magic, Possession, Drama, Fantasy, fantasy time travel romance


Returning to the sprawling Louisiana plantation on which she had been raised, New York City schoolteacher Monica Ryan is transported back in time by a mysterious serpent ring and into an encounter with a seductive stranger. Original.

Her dying Aunt Judith wants the rich, young heroine to marry her deceitful step-son and even gives them a special ring to use for the wedding. The ring allows her aunt to swap bodies with the other wearer when they each put a ring on at the same time. It g�s awry when she drops the aunt's ring and instead, is sent back in time to the aunt's original body where it all began. She must stop her "Aunt" even if it means leaving Drew, the man who has learned to trust in her and she has come to love.

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1 Review: Barbara Benedict book A Taste of Heaven
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