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Super Mario Adventures
  • Categories:Gender, Comic Book
  • Title "Super Mario Adventures"
  • Originally Printed Monthly in serial form in the 1992 Nintendo Power Issues #32 - #43
  • Re-Printed as a Graphic Novel: 1992


To celebrate the release of the Super Nintendo and Super Mario World, Nintendo Power published a year long comic that takes place in the world of Super Mario World. Bowser is chasing after the Princess and Mario is missing. The Princess is knocked unconscious when Bowser comes to collect her for his bride. Luigi, with no other options left, takes her Dress and all of the accessories and pretends to be the Princess. To disguise his mustache and hide his huge noise, he puts on a doctors mask. After putting on her dress and shoes, he has the exact same body shape as her (the larger chest and incredibly narrow waist.) This masquerade continues until the Princess awakens, wearing Luigi's clothes that are very baggy on her, and storms Bowser´┐Żs castle, where she demands of Luigi to give her back the dress.

Really funny for a Nintendo published comic.

This type of disguise was shown again in Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga.



Luigi Rescuing Mario as Peach

Luigi Stealing Key, nice legs. Peach must have large feet!

Peach in Luigi's Clothes. Oddly they are a bit baggy on her, but her dress fits Luigi Fine!

Do not hear this in the Mushroom Kingdom too often!

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