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A Chinese Odyssey Part Two
  • Categories:Gender, Movie, Chinese, Body Swap, Magical, Possession, Drama, Fantasy
  • Avalible on Video and on DVD,
  • English Subtitled
  • aka "Xi you ji da jie ju zhi xian lu qi"
  • (C) 1994


This is listed at the IMDB and a number of other sites offer reviews. has used copies on occasion. This is a copy of a review that explains the body swapping.

"The subtitles can kill you here, more so than in the first film. They flash by so quickly.

In addition to the obtuse subtitling, there just plain needs to be more old fashioned exposition. The fact that Zixia & Lin Qingxia (the sister of a woman who actually lives in the same body as the woman herself) are each in control of their singular body at different times of the day isn't explained so much as implied and, with all the other things to keep track of, that's laborious. Especially when, halfway through the film, a magical spell gone awry switches the minds and bodies of 4 different characters, including Zixia's/Lin Qingxia's. See, Joker and his two companions, Pigsy and Sandy, are battling the scorned woman Xiang Xiang, who has stabbed Zixia. So far, so good. But then Xiang Xiang swaps the bodies and minds of Pigsy and Zixia with each other before accidentally swapping her own mind with the body of Sandy's and Sandy's mind into her own body. But wait! This brawl took place at night so it wasn't Zixia's mind that was placed into Pigsy's body, it was Lin Qingxia's! When they awaken the next morning, it turns out that Zixia's mind now shares her body with Pigsy's mind the way she used to with Lin Qingxia's mind and that Lin Qingxia's mind, and not Zixia's mind, is the one that now resides in Pigsy's body. Now if this weren't bad enough, they see fit to pull yet another swap while trying to resolve this first one towards the end of the film. See, a dog interferes with the final swap and so while almost everyone gets their bodies back, the dog gets Xiang Xiang's mind, which was in Sandy's body, and Xiang Xiang's body gets Lin Qingxia's mind, which was in Pigsy's body. Are you following all that? Do you even remember who Xiang Xiang or Lin Qingxia are to begin with? And you're just reading a review of this movie, never mind going out to see the actual film!

And then you have the fact that Joker lied to Lin Qingxia by telling her that he is in fact not Joker but Broker, his own twin brother (because he's trying to trick her to help Zixia). When she says he must be joking, he then concocts another lie by telling her that his brother is Qin Han and that he is actually called Qin Xianglin. So Qingxia spends the rest of the movie referring to Joker as Qin Xianglin. It's suppose to help you distinguish Zixia from Lin Qingxia, since they both share the same body and thus look exactly the same, but it's just yet another overly complicated part of the plot to keep track of. People who aren't following along carefully will wonder why one single character is being called by two or three different names at various points in the movie. The character of Lin Qingxia could be dropped from the film altogether and half the problems with the story would be immediately solved."

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