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Yu Yu Hakusho episode Rando Rises and 99 Attacks Kuabara Falls
  • Categories:Size, Television Episode
  • Title "Kuabara Falls, Rando Rises and 99 Attacks", Episode, Magic, Action, Sci-Fi, Animated, On Video


The point of this particular part of the show is that Yuseke Urameshi, a Spirit Detective, has to go see the Phsychic Genki and enter her tournament. Whoever wins gets to learn her Spirit Wave technique. However, a human hunter named Rando is also looking to gain her power. He has already defeated 99 phsychics in his time. After going through tests, and fights, Kuabara, one of Yusekes friends, has to fight this little monk named Shorin, who is actually Rando in disguise. After getting his butt whupped, Shorin does this chant that shrinks Kuabara. Then Shorin breaks his arm and his ribs by squeezing. You can even hear his bones crack and brake. Shoring than tosses him into the grass, but returns him to normal size. After Kuabara is defeated, Yuseke kicks the crap out of Shorin. Then Shorin transforms into his true form, Rando, and, despite Yuseke's efforts, he soon gains the upper hand. After getting dropped into a pond filled with Hate Fish, like pirahanas except more deadly, Yuseke uses his spirit gun to blast Rando into a pool. Yuseke is left drained. Rando, still not dead, than performs the chant again and tries to shrink Yuseke, but he shrinks instead. Yuseke couldn't hear the chant, because he had swamp algae in his ears, so it rebounded back to Rando. Before Rando can perform the counter chant, Yuseke uses his elbow and lands ontop of Rando defeating him.

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