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The Devil Lady episode Unknown
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Anime were a sexy model finds out she is a demon and has to save the human race by fighting other demons that gave up their humanity for power. Heres were it gets cool thoue. When she tranforms she gets sharp teeth and pionty claws and grows. How much she grows depends on how much she tranforms. and sadly the the more she tranfoms the less human she looks and thinks. and maybe im strange but i think she looks good even when shes compleatly tranformed. not advised for littel kids because her clothing dont grow with her and there is a lot of gory killing, sex content, and a littel H.L.A.(hot lesbo action) you know the stuff that makes anime great. It's 6 DVDs long and you can get them at best buy in state callage PA and suncoast in altoona PA mall and the state callage PA mall.

They dont show it on tv in the states. but because it is a miny series i figgerd lets put it in the tv shows section any way.

originally posted by Midyin on 2003-06-26, no edits, entryid=3567