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The Wig
  • Categories:Gender, Movie
  • aka Scary Hair aka Gabal (Korean title)


Korean horror film. MTF possession and FTM (possibly FTF) transformation.

Soo-hyeon is discharged from the hospital after undergoing chemotherapy for an unspecified cancer. The treatment has left her bald and pale and looking generally unhealthy. Her older sister, Ji-hyeon buys her a wig as a welcome home present.

Almost as soon as Soo-hyeon she puts on the wig her color improves and she starts to grow stronger.

As the plot progresses, her personality begins to change, as does her face. So much so that friends ask if she has had plastic surgery.

She tries to seduce her sister's fiance, who (we learn through flashbacks) had an affair with one of his male students; an effeminate boy named He-ju, who had long hair exactly like Soo-hyeon's wig. We learn hat He-ju committed suicide on learning of his teacher's engagement, and that his hair was used to make the wig.

At the climax, He-ju completely takes over Soo-hyeon's body and reveals himself to his former lover. In the following exchange:

He-ju (in Soo-hyeon's body): Teacher. It's me, Hee-ju.
Ki-seok(confused): Soo-hyeon...
He-ju: I'm Hee-ju, not Soo-hyeon... Feel me. I'm not a man anymore.
Ki-seok: You're not He-ju... He-ju's dead.
Hee-ju: I'm alive right now! I've waited so long for this moment. I so wanted to reveal myself to you...

During this scene her appearance changes even more (with the actor who played He Ju, in Soo-hyeon's costume). It wasn't clear to me if the character was meant to be physically male or female at this point -- which I think was intentional.

A very silly premise but. overall, a well-executed, creepy, and very sad movie.

originally posted by guest (uri) on 2006-08-10, no edits, entryid=352