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Terminator 3 Rise Of The Machines
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Marked for Deletion by Sara on 9/5/09 - Already in the Database as entry 3038

The Terminatrix (played by the beautiful Kristanna Loken) is a much more advanced model of Arnold's T-101 robot and Robert Patrick's T-1000 (from T2)robots. In one scene she is studing a picture of Clair Daines character. Clair Daines husband to be wakes up and is murdered by the TX. Then a door opens revealing the dead husband to be, but its the TX. She goes in the car with the two FBI agents and kills them both and drives from the back seat by punching a whole through the driver's stomach. She then arrives at the cemitary still in the man's form and as she is walking towards Clair Daines she transfroms into the robot then to her true form. During the trailer when you she the robot walking in the day transform into Kristanna Loken thats after the transformation back. Brief towards middle. I was dissaponted since this was a movie full of TG possibilites. Still here is a major spoiler: the ending hints to a T4...


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